Communication Skills Training

Clinics are customized for executives and professionals challenged when communicating under pressure because of encounters with the media, special interest groups, employees, shareholders, business analysts, regulators, customers, the public or government.

They have also proven to be enormously valuable in breaking down barriers and improving face-to-face communications in the workplace.

Our clinics run from one to three days and are designed for groups of four, eight, or twelve people. We also offer one-on-one clinics for individual training. CorpWorld uses video as a central learning tool. There is a minimum of lecturing and a maximum of hands-on learning and coaching.

Our clinics are issue-based and involve research on your industry, company, organization or profession. This research ensures that our clinics are relevant to your needs and priorities. Prior to the clinic, each participant completes a confidential questionnaire pinpointing sensitive issues and who might raise them. Using this and other "inside" information, we can design realistic scenarios that challenge participants to build solid answers, while practicing the communication techniques being learned.

These clinics employ extensive videotaped interviews, coaching and practice with the CorpWorld communication models. They include the defining and refining of core strategic messages on camera and under pressure.