Media Training

Our media training is well-suited to clients facing the anxieties of public scrutiny, or who simply wish to learn how to manage the media properly and effectively in order to tell their own stories. CorpWorld's media training clinics are based on the principle that substance comes before style. Technique and content are merged with research and process.

These clinics demystify the media. They focus upon the adversarial nature of the media; the ground rules; an interviewee's negotiating rights; the relative advantages and disadvantages of print, radio, television, websites and CD-ROMs.

CorpWorld media training clinics foster strategic thinking and planning for media relations' management.

CorpWorld's copyrighted communications models are ideal for the preparation and the consistent delivery of core messages, the clarifying of vague questions and the defusing of emotional or inflammatory questions. They elevate complexity to simplicity to improve your odds of being quoted accurately.

All CorpWorld consultants involved in media training clinics have broad experience working with print, radio and television.

CorpWorld Group media training clinics are available in both English and French language.