Crisis Communications Management

In corporate terms, a "crisis" can be anything from an unfriendly takeover bid, a plant closing, an environmental mishap, or a product recall. It can be any event or situation with the potential to escalate in the public arena and damage your organization's reputation or share value.

The current volatile and unpredictable economic, social, and political climate makes it essential for corporations, institutions and associations to be prepared for any eventuality. Without proper planning and systems to respond to high-risk situations, corporations and institutions, like individuals, expose themselves to unnecessary risks.

The principals and associates of CorpWorld have spent their professional careers dealing with crisis avoidance, crisis management and crisis as news. We have the knowledge to put full crisis avoidance programs into place, or to implement "crisis containment" if necessary. And we know how to create the corporate culture most favourable to crisis avoidance.

We are experienced at conducting crisis scenario drills and communications audits, then designing emergency response systems based on the findings.